ACES has raised SAT and ACT scores - one student at a time - for thousands of families. Our faculty is an elite team of highly trained, educated, and specialized professionals with a proven track record of helping students qualify for National Merit status and win prestigious merit scholarships.


We take pride in offering the most thorough counseling and thoughtful advice. After an initial assessment, a discussion of your needs and goals, and review of past testing data, we craft a customized plan for each student. We help students of all ability levels, focusing on each child's unique situation.


We offer solid preparation in math, critical reading, and writing as well as instruction in SAT/PSAT, ACT, SSAT, and ISEE strategies. We teach fundamental academic skills that can be applied in the classroom immediately. Gaps in knowledge can be corrected when revealed.


The trust we have earned with schools, guidance counselors, and families emanates from over thirty years of ethical conduct and dedication to realizing the potential of every student we serve. We value honesty and integrity and continually seek to improve our teaching methods and service.

Test Dates


Test DateRegister ByLate Registration
August 24, 2024August 9August 13
October 5, 2024September 20September 24
November 2, 2024October 18October 22
December 7, 2024November 22November 26
March 8, 2025February 21February 25
May 3, 2025April 18April 22
June 7, 2025May 22May 27


Test DateRegister ByLate Registration
September 14, 2024August 9August 25
October 26, 2024September 20October 7
December 14, 2024November 8November 22
February 8, 2025January 3January 20
April 5, 2025February 28March 16
June 14, 2025May 9May 26
July 12, 2025June 6June 20

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