Our Reputation

Of all the SAT programs we used, what we did with you in writing and grammar was the most useful. We want to start early and sign up our next child.

- Charlotte Catholic Parent

You are doing something right! The twins came home in a good mood! I was shocked! I knew they would come in complaining and whining about having their Sunday afternoon spoiled! But not a word! Thank you! Thank you!

- Charlotte Country Day Parent

Our son exceeded his ACT score goal, and we were very pleased with the tutoring results and experience he had with ACES. The tutors were easy to work with, friendly, taught him valuable skills for the test, and encouraged my son to work hard to get a good score.

- Charlotte Latin Parent

Pat, I give you, personally, credit as a major influence in Jack’s raising his (old) SAT score by over 200 points to 2030 and his ACT score by more than 3 points to 32 and bringing in a comparable (new) SAT score of 1410.

- Providence High Grandparent

The ACES team worked with our son to help him raise his SAT score 250 points between tests. His high scores were instrumental in his being recruited by Ivy League and other top schools, and he will attend Princeton next year.

- Charlotte Latin Parent 

“I was really happy with what I accomplished with you. The practice tests and hints about how to approach the test were extremely helpful and were much of the reason for my score on the ACT jumping from a 25 to a 29 and eventually getting a 30 in the end.  Thanks!”

- Charlotte Country Day Student

“Clare’s first score was wonderful and really carried us – it was because she was working with you and was disciplined about studying.  It got her into Wake Forest which was her first choice. It would not have happened without your help, and I would recommend you highly. Thanks.”

- Charlotte Catholic Parent

“We heard great things about Pat Throneburg from several parents at Myers Park High School.   Pat immediately identified Tyler’s areas of weakness and developed a customized program just for him.  Tyler’s score went up over 100 points in critical reading alone!   We are very pleased with Pat and her approach.  It definitely beats the classroom SAT prep classes.”

- Joan H., MPHS Parent

“After my son worked with Pat Throneburg for only eight sessions, his PSAT critical reading score jumped from 58 to 77, and his PSAT writing score moved from 66 to 73.  I am thrilled that these scores qualify him for National Merit status. I could not have been more pleased with his first SAT results: 750 in both reading and writing!”

- Mindy J., Charlotte Latin Parent

“I just wanted to let you know about my scores… I got an 800 in critical reading and a 730 in writing!! I would just like to thank you for all of your help- I could NOT have done it without you!”

- Sara S., CCDS Student (Vanderbilt)

“Pat…YOU are the one who made this happen, and I am very grateful…A million thanks, and if you ever need a reference for your business, please count on me. I mean that.”

- Camille S., Charlotte Country Day Parent

“I can confidently recommend Pat Throneburg as an excellent ACT tutor. I worked with Pat for about 8 weeks. She helped me bring up my English score from a 26 to a 31 and my Reading score from a 24 to a 33. Her expertise and suggestions helped me look at the test in a whole different way. She also encouraged me to work on my own in between sessions, which definitely made a positive impact on my progress.”

- Blanche K., MPHS Student

“My son has always been a good student… however standardized tests were not really his strong point. Pat worked with him on reading and test-taking strategy for 7 sessions. His scores were in the 97th percentile for Critical Reading and 98% for Writing. With that success, we asked Pat if she would help prepare him for the ACT and we engaged her for another 4 sessions. His ACT results were in the 99th percentile! Such a relief to have that score and so little investment for a world of possibilities. Pat’s ability to identify the areas to target and her methodology to have the student learn, apply and understand how to improve the results are highly recommended.”

- Liza P., Providence Day Parent

“Thanks to working with Mrs. Throneburg through ACES, I got my test scores up and felt so much better about taking standardized tests. I owe this to Mrs. Throneburg. Not only did we work on grammar and vocabulary, but she also taught me reading comprehension tricks, general test-taking strategies, and helped me with time management. I really enjoyed working with her (and Nellie) and sometimes I even miss ACT tutoring!”

- Lauren M., CCDS Student (Wake Forest)

“Pat was highly recommended to our family via our son’s College Guidance Counselor.  She had used Pat for her children and had known of Pat’s effectiveness in preparing students for the SAT and ACT for years.  Pat was very flexible in helping us come up with a specific plan for our son given the limited amount of time that we had to prepare.  After the first test, our son scored a composite 31 and did better on the two subjects that he worked with Pat than on his core strength subjects.  We also worked with ACES before the second ACT test and our son increased his composite score to a 33.  Pat was focused on quickly exposing our son to the best test strategies and providing him with streamlined materials that were highly focused on success.  We would highly recommend ACES to anyone.”

- Steve H., Charlotte Country Day Parent

“Pat’s ability to identify the areas to target and her methodology to have the student learn, apply and understand how to improve are highly recommended. Thank you, Pat!”

- Providence Day Parent

“Our son’s experience with ACES was phenomenal. With Pat’s keen insight into the testing process, we were quickly able to determine where he should focus his energies. The tutors were brilliant, and our son was ecstatic with the results. He brought his ACT score from 30 to 34! Thank you, ACES!”

- Kim L., Providence Day Parent

“ACES provided sound strategy, efficient tutoring and clear direction to achieve scholarship-worthy ACT results. My son was able to raise his ACT score to a 31. We are proud to report that he gained admission to almost all of the schools he applied to and was offered significant merit-based scholarships. The team at ACES evaluated our son’s scores, developed a test plan for him and then tutored him in a way that targeted his weaknesses. ACES was a difference-maker for us.”

- Stuart H., South Meck Parent

“Pat Throneburg and her team at ACES have helped both our kids increase their ACT scores far beyond anything we could have hoped for. Their insight, knowledge and skill in working with teens in this area has been invaluable. Our children are very different from one another, in character and academic ability, yet both were embraced, lovingly challenged, and coached to succeed. We are very grateful to them all.”

- Charlotte Latin Parent

“Miguel and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hours of tutoring, time, efforts and advice! Miguel would not have made it without you!! We just wanted to keep in touch as promised. We will continue to refer our friends to you as they come closer to the time of taking the SAT and ACT. Miguel will be attending UNC-Chapel Hill in August!! He is very excited and so am I!!!!”

- Ardrey Kell Parent

“Because of the superior attention that I received from Pat Throneburg, I was able to score a 780 on the Critical Reading section of the SAT and gain admission to Chapel Hill!”

- Elizabeth M., MPHS Student